Danny Butvinik

Chief Data Scientist

About me

As a chief data scientist with Nice Actimize, I provide technical and professional leadership and strategic advice. In addition, I conduct and manage cutting-edge scientific research as an expert in artificial intelligence and data science. I work with a large group of data scientists and contribute to the growth of innovation and my employer’s intellectual property.


As an AI and data science evangelist, I try to shape the advancement of analytics future while communicating a clear vision and strategy effectively and enabling research roadmap to all company levels (including the wide board of executives) and influence across the executive and leadership teams.


I have over 18 years of research, development, and management experience in data science and software development. I have written multiple scientific articles and papers. I hold a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science, a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), and an MSc. in Mathematics and Computer Science. For my Ph.D., my primary research focuses on online incremental machine learning and anomaly detection in data streams. My hobbies include solving mathematical puzzles, storytelling, and traveling.