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Leading with integrity, committing to customers, understanding the strengths of employees and staying ahead of the competition: Stryker proves that large organizations.


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Using Talent Offense to Succeed

With roughly 36,000 employees and around 300 active strengths coaches embedded in the organization, Stryker has put great thought into hiring the right people who are the best talent to achieve its mission of making healthcare better. “Talent offense,” a concept used throughout the company, refers to the way Stryker goes about hiring, engaging and developing employees. This approach, used in tandem with CliftonStrengths®, proves to effectively produce market-leading business results.

"By using a talent offense as a hiring mechanism, revenue grows due to having stronger employees throughout the company while costs shrink due to a lower turnover rate."

More Than Just a "Feel Good" Initiative

However, the implementation is not the finish line. As a company, Stryker sees the bigger picture when it comes to strengths. A strengths-based leadership approach has improved the company’s culture, employee engagement and performance. Top five strengths can be seen listed on employee badges, in specific internal meetings and on employees’ desks. Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches throughout Stryker ensure that employees are personally using their strengths, and that they’re doing what they do best, every single day.

Stryker not only has confidence in the future, but also continues to innovate and achieve measurable results within its industry while caring for and investing in its employees. Stryker leaders’ ongoing drive for performance excellence is infectious — but it is their love for people and appreciation of their strengths that’s key.