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At Infosoft, we are passionate about the meaningful changes and measurable impact that Data Science, AI and Machine Learning can bring to business and society. If you are keen to open the door of seemingly endless opportunities, join us for a rewarding, enjoyable, and memorable journey.

We are looking for talented and curious individuals  who can develop well-researched content on Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. All roles – both freelance and full-time – are permanently remote. This is an excellent opportunity to bask in the glory of the three most lucrative, emerging domains of tomorrow. From blog posts to social media posts, emails to articles, showcase your knowledge and creativity to a broad global audience.

A certificate, degree, or Ph.D. in Data Science or Artificial Intelligence is not mandatory; however, highly appreciated. Bring your honest and unbiased point of view; we need a balance of tech and non-tech, both, in our content mix. You could be from any background, as long as you bring a fresh perspective with reference to your domain or expert area, we are game. 

If you can research, read, comprehend and develop original content in your style, we would like to explore the opportunities.

Not limited to but the broad responsibilities and skills would be: 

– Research, and write AI or Data Science articles and blogs relevant to your audience.

– Review content on our website, suggest changes and improve or update content.

– Contribute to social media, emailer, and similar activities

– Prior content writing experience

– Passion for emerging technologies like Data Science, AI, Machine Learning

– Willingness to learn new tools and communication process 

– Exposure to digital and social

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