5 Highlights from PwC’s 2022 AI Business Survey

AI success is becoming common. Here’s how according to PwC data, leaders are leveraging data, cloud and analytics for a bigger payoff.

What sets the champion companies apart from competitors? PwC’s fourth annual AI business survey puts light on what AI leaders are doing right. The key to their success? Instead of emphasizing one goal, they take a three-dimensional holistic approach. The study explores that companies are advancing with AI in three areas at once: business transformation, enhanced decision-making, and modernized systems and processes.

Of the 1,000 respondents in the PwC survey, 364 “AI leaders” are taking 5 holistic approaches and reaping the rewards. They are:

1. Think better, faster, longer-term: Make decisions with AI support
2. Simulate everything: Seize AI’s virtual power
3. Put a number to it: Assess and predict AI’s ROI
4. Protect yourself: Make your AI responsible
5. Recruit, retain and automate: Solve labor market challenges with AI

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