72% Believe AI In The HR Process Boosts Productivity And Saves Time

72 percent of respondents agreed that using Artificial Intelligence in the HR process boosts Productivity and saves time as it can self-operate many HR-related procedures and increase the system’s effectiveness through chatbots.

Overwhelmingly, 68 percent of companies said that implementing Artificial Intelligence in the Human Resource process increases overall job accuracy.

A report by Genius Consultants is based on an online survey with over 825 organizations spread across sectors including banking and finance, construction and engineering, education, FMCG, hospitality, HR solutions, IT, ITES and BPO, logistics, manufacturing, media, oil and gas, pharma, among others.

The report also revealed that 44 percent of respondents believe that AI-based chatbots are currently the preferred tool for initial interactions during the hiring process, which also helps new hires settle into their responsibilities and understand the company’s many aspects later. However, 48 percent said they are skeptical about using chatbots as most people are yet to adapt to the developing technology.

Moreover, 63 percent said AI technology was a big helping hand for employee onboarding and training as it could yield more impactful results at work. And over 56 percent of respondents believed that AI would take over humans in the coming years.

According to 75 percent of respondents, new hires should undergo automated and AI training as it helps them to understand corporate rules better. If it is educational, it can also help in reducing attrition.

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