Anna Azzam

🔭 Anna is currently working as a Frontend Software Engineer at Canva
⚡️ She mostly works with React and MobX
💻 Check out her personal website at
🌱 She is currently learning Rust, and Express JS

Anna Azzam is a talented frontend developer at Canva, an Australian global multi-national graphic design platform. With a degree in software engineering and a passion for art and design, Anna has become an expert in creating intuitive and dynamic web interfaces.

She works closely with designers, product managers, and other developers to ensure that the user experience is seamless and enjoyable. Anna’s attention to detail and ability to write clean, efficient code have earned her a reputation as a go-to developer for complex projects. When she’s not coding, Anna enjoys spending time outdoors and volunteering at local schools to encourage children to explore the world of technology.

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Anna Azzam

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion

Hey all 👋 as a woman in tech, I’ve seen the positive impact of diversity — but I’ve also experienced firsthand the challenges that come with a lack of it. In this blog post, I will share my unfiltered observations and thoughts about this important issue.

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