Jacob Morgan

4x Best-Selling Author
Futurist, & Keynote Speaker On Leadership
Employee Experience
The Future Of Work

Jacob is a 4x best-selling author, TED and keynote speaker, professionally trained futurist, and the founder of The Future of Work University. He believes that we all deserve to work for organizations where we actually want to show up each day and everything he does is about trying to create and inspire those types of organizations.

Jacob has written four best-selling books which are: The Future Leader (Wiley, 2020), The Employee Experience Advantage (Wiley, 2017), The Future of Work (Wiley, 2014), and The Collaborative Organization (McGraw Hill, 2012).

His work has been endorsed by the CEOs of Cisco, T-Mobile, Unilever, Mastercard, SAP, Best Buy, Schneider Electric, Whirlpool, Kaiser, Domino’s Pizza, Audi, KPMG, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and many others.

Jacob frequently speaks at conferences and events all over the world on leadership, employee experience, and the future of work. In addition he works with some organizations around thought leadership programs and advisory and frequently contribute to media and business publications such as Forbes, the WSJ, USA Today, INC Magazine, The Harvard Business Review, CNN, and many others.

To find out more about Jacob including ways we can work together, visit TheFutureOrganization.com where you can also get access to his podcast, Youtube series, research, and more. You can also email him, Jacob [at] TheFutureOrganization [dot] com. To get access to online courses he teaches, go to FutureOfWorkUniversity.com.

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Jacob Morgan

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