Jasenko Hadzic

VC investing in women & minorities
Investing from pre-seed to Seed with BackingMinds across Europe, except UK.
Ex-Entrepreneur spending 6,5y building Tame, a SaaS startup within MarTech

Jasenko is an entrepreneur turned VC investor, focusing on investing in women and minorities across Europe. He’s a resourceful startup operator with a specialty in product, go-to-market and fundraising, has 9+ years of experience building startups and concepts from the ground up and has built one of the most extensive networks within the tech community in Europe.

Jasenko has lived in 5 countries (DK, UK, Malaysia, BiH & SE), built 2 startups (1 B2B, 1 B2C), raised +$7m in funding from 15 investors (2 VC’s and 13 business angels), scaled teams to 40+, grown SaaS revenue past +$1,5m, worked in a venture studio (Nova) in SEA with B2C models and has facilitated a lot of investments across the Nordics & UK.

Jasenko has 4 years of experience advising startups on all things funding, as his passion lies in giving back and helping others – whether sparring, sharing knowledge or facilitating intros.

Advising the following startups:
UK: Taxtris – https://www.taxtris.com/ – Tax automation for Web3 digital assets – B2B2C – Web3.0 – Pre-seed
NO: Adress – https://www.myadress.no/en/ – Home co-ownership – B2C – Fintech – Pre-seed
DK: Uniqkey – https://uniqkey.eu/en_us/ – #1 Business Password & Access Manager – B2B – Security – Seed
DK: WasteHero – https://wastehero.io/ – SaaS OS for Waste Management – B2B – IoT – Seed
DK: Rokoko – https://www.rokoko.com/ – Motion Capture suit – B2B – Hardware – Series A

Startups I’ve advised (Acquired):
DK: Zenfit – https://zenfit.io/ – Personal Trainer Software – B2B2C- Online fitness – Acquired
DK: Timekit – https://www.timekit.io/ – The Booking API – B2B – Acquired

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Jasenko Hadzic

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion

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